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The Brampton Musketeers by Robina Brooks is an emotional tale of memories and friendship once forged in school; long forgotten yet soon to be rekindled.

I was asked if this story was true? I can however say that no it isn’t. Well, the majority of it isn’t. There are in fact elements of the characters that are based on real people I knew from my senior school days. As such I have changed names and their persona’s so as to not embarrass or insult them.

What I did when devising this story was recall a number of girls I remembered and based my characters on certain aspects of one or more of them. I know we had a dizzy blonde girl in school who went on to become a high ranking Police Officer - one of the first at that time. I clearly remember the day, after the school job advisor had been, when the class was discussing what they wanted to do after they left school. When the girl told us about joining the force the whole class literally fell about laughing. At the time it seemed so funny but it was us with egg on our faces in the end. She was also joined by another girl who likewise joined the force and did well. I am so honoured to have known them and proud they did so well.

We also had a classroom boy idiot. He was nice but couldn’t concentrate and would cause total disruption. I am not sure what happened to him, although I do believe later on he did pretty well. He may have joined the army?

Writing this book was great fun, especially as I can recall the faces of the young people I was in school in. Those days weren’t exactly my favourite. For me I progressed after I left. But I do recall playing netball and hockey. I don;t think I turned out too bad. Perhaps I should write about me next. Now that would be interesting!

I hope you enjoy the story. If you do please send your reviews to either Amazon or on email to

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This is the first book written under the pseudonym of

Robina Brooks.

Warning: There is some adult content included in this story.